Fake Modern Warfare 4 beta site emerges

Fake Modern Warfare 4 beta site emerges

Fake Modern Warfare 4 beta site emerges

Bogus website claims to have 300 "100 percent functional" beta keys for new Activision Call of Duty game.

Yeah… Modern Warfare 2 Could Use An Update Already… (Where’s The Missing Content?)

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Reddit thread detailing all missing content: https://www.reddit.com/r/ModernWarfareII/comments/yfi3o7/okay_iw_time_to_release_that_day_1_patch_now

So… Modern Warfare 2 is here, I’m enjoying grinding it out, we’ll be live on Twitch if you want to join in on it all, but if you’re like me… The game kind of feels a bit empty still, right? Not necessarily for the reasons you may expect, or maybe it is. But from initial launch to now, if it feels like something or multiple things are missing, you’re not wrong. I’m actually really surprised at how many things are missing by comparison to recent years out of the initial Modern Warfare 2 offering, to the point where I almost was like “there’s gotta be another day one patch coming, right?” But for right now, we don’t have any information on some of these, others we do so we’re breaking it down for you. So, what’s next? Modern Warfare 2 could definitely use an update already and we’re still on launch. Will it happen, who knows, but fingers crossed the major missing features and items do make their way into Modern Warfare 2 with an update coming soon. Only time will tell, but today we’re breaking down all the missing content and what you hopefully can look forward to in the near future with a coming update and patch to Modern Warfare 2. This is: Yeah… Modern Warfare 2 Could Use An Update Already… (Where’s The Missing Content?)

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00:00 – Intro
01:22 – Things Noticed Missing As Soon As Servers Went Live in Modern Warfare 2
03:10 – When is Hardcore (Tier 1) Coming to Modern Warfare 2?
03:40 – Barracks Missing in Modern Warfare 2
04:06 – Weapons Missing From Modern Warfare 2
04:48 – Gunsmith Functionality in Modern Warfare 2
05:10 – Missing Camo Details in Modern Warfare 2
05:42 – Double XP Timers Missing in Modern Warfare 2
06:03 – What’s the Deal With This Missing Content in Modern Warfare 2?
06:31 – Infinity Ward is Working on Few Fixes
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Best SMGs in Modern Warfare 2 | Ranking Every SMG with Class Setups

Cover what I think are the Best SMGs in Modern Warfare 2

Data Pulled from: https://sym.gg/

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0:00 Intro/Video Breakdown
0:16 The Important Data
0:53 Making the Data Useful
1:35 Converting to a Graph
2:18 Ranking the SMGs Using the Combination of Data and Experience
5:01 Best Practices for Best SMG Class Setups in General
7:34 Outro (Thank You for Watching)


Best SMGs in Modern Warfare 2 | Ranking Every SMG with Class Setups
Video URL:

MODERN WARFARE 2 has some weird glitches..

Modern Warfare 2 definitely has some glitches to fix lol. enjoy 🙂

*MODERN WARFARE 2 has some goofy glitches* | Dysmo
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has released their open beta, and I wanted to give my first impressions of the game in a video! So enjoy a FIRST LOOK at Modern Warfare II

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Thumbnail art by TheKittleKat: https://twitter.com/TheKittleKat

The Outro song is “Bone Theme” by Michael Wyckoff
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