Valve’s Steam Deck Will Have AMD FSR Support For All Of Its Games

Valve’s Steam Deck Will Have AMD FSR Support For All Of Its Games

Valve’s Steam Deck Will Have AMD FSR Support For All Of Its Games

Regardless of game support, it looks like every title on the Steam Deck will benefit from AMD’s fancy upscaling technology.

Cyberpunk 2077 FSR 2.0 Mod vs Standard Steam Deck Settings

Testing out the FSR 2.0 mod on Steam Deck against the Standard Steam Deck Cyberpunk 2077 settings.


How to Install the FSR 2.0 Mod:

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Steam Deck Tech Links:
Rii I4 Media Keyboard:
m.2 NVME:
m.2 NVME Enclosure with USB C:
Compatible USB-C Hub: &ref=ppx_pop_dt_b_asin_title &_encoding=UTF8 &tag=sdg081-21 &linkCode=ur2 &linkId=172d0f3c5d4f44a9efbc846a982b630a &camp=1634 &creative=6738
A2/U3 Micro SD Card: &_encoding=UTF8 &tag=sdg081-21 &linkCode=ur2 &linkId=49619e025f549b415d07c4ad8b3f03b5 &camp=1634 &creative=6738


Dying Light 2 on Steam Deck with FSR 2 is GREAT

#FSR2 really helps Dying Light 2 shine on the #SteamDeck.

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How to boost Steam Deck FPS!? Using FSR! Will FSR 2.0 Come to the Steam Deck?

AMD’s FSR uses cutting edge upscaling technologies to upscale certain games to higher resolutions delivering better looking graphics but with great frame rates! Especially useful on systems like the Steam Deck from Valve! ➤ FOLLOW ME –


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Steam Deck Docked: Can Valve’s Portable Produce Visuals Fit for a 4K TV?

The Steam Deck is the premiere handheld gaming PC, but can Valve’s design – and AMD’s low-power APU – produce visuals suitable for a 4K TV in docked mode? Oliver Mackenzie investigates how up-scaling tech and careful game selection can produce impressive results – and reveals a few issues that can hamper the docked experience.

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