Dead Rising 4 Coming To Steam Very Soon

Dead Rising 4 Coming To Steam Very Soon

Dead Rising 4 Coming To Steam Very Soon

Players can look forward to features like "coagulated blood shaders" and more.

12 Craziest Weapons in Dead Rising 4 (And Where To Find Them)

We reveal the craziest combo weapons in Dead Rising 4 and where to find them…
Have we missed your favourite combo weapon off the list? Let us know in the comments.
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This Achievement in Dead Rising Was A Mistake…

Today, I go for one of the hardest achievements of the xbox 360 era: Dead Rising’s 7 Day Survivor. So enjoy the Dead Rising gameplay, tips and tricks, and all the pain it brought me on this fateful day lol.

Oh and if you’re wondering why a video of a 14 hour achievement is so short, I think the total waiting around time amounted to 12.5 hours LOL

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I genuinely think the only reason this was bearable was due to the dead rising mall music. All six of those songs are BANGERS. I’m really not sure why most malls don’t have soundtrack composers make their playlists, no wonder they’re going out of business. Actually, get me in the studio instead. I’ve never used FL studio in my life, but I’ll take care of business. It’ll be like a mall renaissance with me as their rightful ruler. Maybe I can even get a Lulu Lemon gift card as well.

Dead Rising 4 – Coming to Steam Trailer

Dead Rising 4 is unleashing a new kind of undead plague on PCs this spring when it arrives for Steam on March 14th, 2017.

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Guys… THE HYPE that I’ve had for this game ever since learning about it at E3 has been ENORMOUS! WELCOME, to Dead Rising 4 – a game filled with comedic horror but more than that, a brilliant protagonist that goes by the name FRANK FREAKIN’ WEST!

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