Position Management

With the launch of eMerge PeopleSoft, the concept of position management has taken on great significance. The “management” of authorized positions in a department is achieved through the position creation and reconciliation processes in PeopleSoft.  Once a position has been created and reconciled, the processes to fill the position can begin.  It all starts here!

Process Step Process Detail Web Document File Type Navigation Notes

Create a Position in PeopleSoft

Creating a New Position UPK PeopleSoft UPK: Managing Positions > Create a New Position > Creating a New Position

Reconcile a Position to the Budget





Attaching ASO Funding to Position

List of Budgeted Position Counts by Job Codes and Department_FY14-15




PeopleSoft UPK: Managing Positions > Create a New Position > Attaching ASO Funding to Positions


Submit a Request to Fill

Overview of Process
  Request to Fill Overview Presentation
  Request to Fill Demonstration UPK
  HRBP Hiring WorkflowCategory 16 Seasonal and Temporary Appointments Overview WorkflowPresentation
Complete a Request to Fill
  Request to Fill / Modify eHRPPM
  Appointments Matrix Document
  ASO Amendment Request for Succession Planning Form
Request Special Conditions
  Special Condition Request Form
  Request for Language Requirement Form
  Special Condition Training Presentation
Request Charter Exemption
  Exempt Request Justification Form
  Exempt Request Training Presentation
Complete Position Specific Attributes for Conviction History
  Conviction History Overview Presentation
  Position Specific Attributes Training Presentation
  PSA Form Form
PSA Worksheet Form
Submit Classification Documents
Job Description Form Form
Classification Documentation Training Presentation