Employee Selection

Now that you have an approved position and the authorization to proceed from the Department of Human Resources, the Controller’s Office (if required) and the Mayor’s Budget Office, the employee selection process begins.

In the City’s Civil Service System, the process for employee selection is well defined and governed by rules, policies, and procedures. While the selection of employees exempt from the Civil Service System may provide greater selection flexibility, we remain committed to merit-based selection processes.

Once you have identified the most qualified candidate(s) for your position, you are ready to begin the pre-employment verification process, including the review of conviction history.

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Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment Approval Process Overview
Processing Non-PCS Hires in JobAps Document
Candidate ID Verification Form Form
CBT Oral-Performance CSC Rules Digest Form
Compliance Review Form Form
Exam Administration Summary Form
Job Analysis Form Form
Non-Standardized Exam Test Booklet Front Cover Form
Oral Exam Administrator Script Form
Oral or Performance Exam Candidate Confidentiality & Terms Form
PBT Oral-Performance CSC Rules Digest Form
Proctor Sign-in Sheet Form
Rater Expense Reimbursement Worksheet Form
Reasonable Accommodation Form Form
Request to Cancel an Exam or Eligible List Form
Request to Extend Eligible List Form
Pre-Approved PBT Classifcations – August 2015 Document
Test Security Agreement and Statement of Responsibility Form Document
Written Exam Proctor Script Template (Calculator) (Word) Document
Written Exam Proctor Script Template (No Calculator) (Word)  Document

Pre-Employment Process

Overview of Process
Pre-Employment Process Overview eHRPPM
HRBP Hiring Workflow Workflow
Complete Position Specific Attributes For Conviction History
Position Specific Attributes Training Presentation
PSA Form Form
PSA Worksheet Form
Request Conviction History Review
Conviction History Review Instructional Video
Conviction History Overview Presentation
Conviction History Review eHRPPM
Flash Appointments Instructional Guidev2 Document
 Vetting Future Employment Restrictions
 Imposing, Lifting and Vetting Pre-Employment Restrictions  Presentation
Conduct Employment History Review
 Employability Checklist  eHRPPM