1.1.1 Position Approval - Request To Fill / Modify


August 14, 2013



This process is used when a department has a budgeted position that has already been
reconciled in eMerge PeopleSoft and is requesting to fill that position (PCS, TPV, Exempt)
through DHR's Request to Fill Approval Process, prior to submitting a Position Request for
Mayor, Controller and DHR approval in eMerge PeopleSoft.

Effective: July 27, 2012 Last Updated: September 19, 2012


Situational Trigger

Department determines that there is a need to fill a position.


Authority Section

Civil Service Rule Series 114 – Appointments

SF Charter 10.104

Employee Handbook – Appointment, Referral and Hire



    1. Refer to eMerge PeopleSoft UPK:
      Managing Positions for ASO Reconciliation

    2. Refer to eMerge PeopleSoft UPK:
      Managing Positions

    1. Note: If backfill is TE cat 17, a
      separate temp funded position can be created

    2. Note: For filled positions, the
      schedule, TX job code and fill type
      cannot be changed through a
      Modification. A future vacancy must
      be submitted.
      For vacant positions, the TX job code
      cannot be changed through a
      Modification. If the TX job code
      needs to be modified on a vacant
      position, the department must request
      that the Position Status be changed
      back to ‘Proposed’ and a Fill a Vacant
      Position request can be submitted.

  1. Best Practice Tip: An Express Class or JAQ, including a Class Spec Template and Org Chart, will be required for DHR classification review. DO NOT copy the general job description. The job description should be specific to the duties that the position will be performing at the department.

    Express Classification



    Class Specs Template

  2. Best Practice Tip: Use the Appointments Matrix to assist in determining the appropriate appointment type based on departmental needs.

    Appointments Matrix

    1. Best Practice Tip: Holdover List Reports can be requested through your department's assigned Client Services Representative.

    2. Note: Contact you DHR client
      Services Representative for list.
      Best Practice Tip: Obtain the Recruitment Number, name, phone number and department code of who authorized the use of the existing eligible list for RTF ESR completion.

      1. HRPP_4_Hiring Process Overview_Final_Web_08-24-12

    3. DHR Memo No. 26-2006_Position Based Testing Program

    4. Best Practice Tip: Exemption codes can be found in Charter Section 10.104 - Exclusions from Civil Service Appointments.

      1. Hiring Process Overview

  3. Best Practice Tip: Special conditions must be included as minimum qualifications on PBT job announcements.

    1. eMerge PeopleSoft Path: Reporting
      Tools > Queries > Query Viewer
      Special Condition Queries:

  4. Refer to eMerge PeopleSoft UPK: Managing Positions