2.1 Hiring Process - Conviction History Review


August 29, 2013



This process is used to ensure that the department’s final candidate selection(s) do not have any prior convictions that would preclude them from appointment to a position.

Effective: 8/6/12 Last Updated: 8/6/12


Situational Trigger

Department has made its final candidate selection(s) to proceed through the Conviction History Review process.


Authority Section

Charter Department of Justice (DOJ)



  1. Note: DHR will notify the Department HR once DOJ conviction history reports are received and reviewed by DHR for ALL final candidate selection(s) submitted.

    1. Note: Clearance numbers will be used to verify that DHR has conducted a Conviction History Review and that a candidate is cleared for appointment to a position.

    2. Note: It is unlawful to maintain conviction history records of persons who are not being considered for employment with the City and County of San Francisco.