2.5.1 Appointment Processing - Appointment Processing


June 12, 2014



This process is used to complete the on-boarding and appointment processing of a hire to a position in eMerge PeopleSoft.

Effective: August 23, 2012 Last Updated: August 28, 2012


Situational Trigger

Department HR has completed the necessary pre-employment checks and is ready to process the hire into the eMerge PeopleSoft system.


Authority Section

Civil Service Rule Series 14 – Appointments

Employee Handbook – Appointments, Referral and Hire



    1. See HRPPM: 4.5.2 On-Boarding
      Checklist (Coming Soon)

  1. Best Practice Tip: Department HR should ensure that Appointee understands what he/she is being provided or asked to complete in order to be appointed to a position (e.g. City policies, departmental policies, appointment status, probationary periods, Employee Handbook, etc.).

    1. Best Practice Tip: Department HR should consult with DHR if an employee has holdover status before proceeding.
      Note: Allow 24 hours for updates in JobAps to reflect in eMerge Peoplesoft.

  2. Note: A DSW ID will be printed and sent to the Appointee’s HR office via inter-office mail upon DHR validation of the appointment and any DSW ID requirements.

  3. Best Practice Tip: Department HR should have both the Appointing Officer/Authorized Designee and Appointee sign the AP Form before providing to Appointee for Health Service System and Retirement System benefits enrollment.

  4. Best Practice Tip: Department HR should provide Appointee with copies of any on-boarding documents containing information related to their appointment (e.g. appointment type, status, probationary periods, etc.).